The Books


“FIGS” is short for, “Figments of Imagination,” a dystopian series that seeks to advocate for diversity, awareness, and social advancements

in public settings. Sierra Ayonnie takes the meaning of “modernity” and reinvents it with her self published novels that aims to make her reader empathize with various intersections of marginalized groups.

In the first book, FIGS Book 1: Planet Tun, she used the setting of a mental hospital during the 1970’s to highlight the struggles of a young adult black girl named Angelica Ward who suffers from Schizophrenia. In the story, Angelica struggles to understand the boundaries between the natural world and what’s imagined, aka, Planet Tun. While being treated by a Caucasian American doctor, Mark Rankin, and having her diary entries published into the Skagit River Journal by a journalist known as Doreen Phillips Angelica struggles to evolve over a time period of three months.