“Emotions” Why Do We Need Them? How Can a Good Story Use Them?

-use figurative language
-make your words poetic
-jump through time to make your character real by flashing back or flashing forward


Why Is “Multidimensional” an Essential Element of a Good Story?

Multidimensional fiction is not what you think it is. It is not the usage of planets and galaxies in order to create a story (although its what many of us prefer.) It’s actually something much more in-depth but practical. Multidimensional fiction is the writing of a novel or story that has intersecting plots and 5D… Continue reading Why Is “Multidimensional” an Essential Element of a Good Story?

The Essential Elements of a Good Story

We all know that a good story has to have the things that they talk about in your standard English class such as setting, theme, characters, plot, and conflict. But, isn’t there more to a good story than that? I mean, think about it, doesn’t a good story have more than just those elements. Here… Continue reading The Essential Elements of a Good Story

New Bloggers

In the process of promoting my novel, I have been looking for new bloggers to follow and build writing relationships with. Feel free to email me if: You have a novel that you want me to share with my audience You would like to establish good writerly relations You would like to read my novel… Continue reading New Bloggers