Now, if you don’t know, please know that I am a student. This is my last semester and it’s my hardest in that I’m juggling work, class time, and writing all in one. But, what I’ve found to be my greatest challenge is staying motivated to blog through it all.

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Many of my avid readers know that I typically am able to queue about a million posts in advanced in order to get through the month and then add more poetry as I go. Well, September hasn’t been so promising when it comes to my work so I’ve been lagging. But, more than that, I know that there are other bloggers out there who have been struggling with staying on top of things, as well. In fact, my numbers for the month of September has dropped so low that I’m embarrassed.

So, I made this post for every blogger who is doing this alone and trying to stay motivated to keep going.

Step 1: Remember Why You Started

People all over the world start blogging for many different reasons, but your reason is unique because it is yours. I remember when I first came up with the idea to blog and my main drive was to be able to leverage book sales straight from my website, that same fire is what keeps me up during hours of the night creating a post for tomorrow, even if I’ve neglected some homework assignment.

Again, your reason is unique to you. Your blog isn’t going to run itself so if you can just find it within yourself to write another post or read someone else’s work you’re doing the world a good deed. That’s more than what you were asked to do the day before.

Step 2: Find Inspiration

Ironically, I wouldn’t be here writing this if it weren’t for the Nicki Minaj and Cardi B drama. As I was scrolling down and going through YouTube’s many tunnels I found that they inspired me to keep trying. It isn’t many black women creating novels, writing movies, or even blogging alone in their beds at four in the morning. However, I am here, and they are there so something has to be given back out into the world if nothing. Watching Cardi B throw her shoe at Nicki Minaj opened the door to come on here today to tell you that your inspiration can come from anywhere. Mine, it so happened to have come from my culture. Tell me about yours.

Step 3: Queue, Queue, and Queue Some More

I know I said previously that I haven’t been able to write, let alone queue posts, but if you can find three minutes within your day to draft up 500 words you’re that much closer to creating work for the next two days. That work is better than nothing else. Your readers want to read, so give them something, days in advance, this way you aren’t stressed out. As for me, I’m getting back into the swing of things, slowly but surely.

Step 4: Just Do It

Your blog can’t be your blog if you don’t do it. So, do it.

“If I can just publish a poem per day and rely on my writing as a way out I’m sure that I’ll get through this last semester.” –SA

Those are the words I whisper to myself as my skinny black body and Afro goes into each classroom trying to fulfill expectations. As I walk around job to job to pay off all the things that are due, and as I run my own business during the wee hours of the night, nights where most of the time I’ve only gotten four hours of sleep (if that) at a time I find myself trying to conform.

I realize that being a black woman comes with standards that most can never fulfill if they were to walk in my shoes for two hours.

Being comfortable is a privilege.

So, what have I chosen to do? I have chosen to rise and stand up to all adversity that tries to keep me down, to speak to another black woman through my writing, and to rely on my words as a crutch. I’ve chosen to publish Hurdles , pay attention in class, and then clock in. Allow me to weave the reality of my words together in order to teach you something about privilege.


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Go to work

Go to class

Go to this meeting

Go to that meeting

Pay this

Pay that

Turn this in

Turn in that

Sleep for four hours

Wake up

Do it again

Walk here

Catch a bus there

Call an Uber here

Bike there

Run here

Walk there

Wake up, early

Be on time

Don’t be late

Remain punctual

But, be calm

Don’t get anxious

Rely on the plan

Rely on the agenda

Move by the calendar

Follow the budget

Don’t go out of it

Save this amount

Pay off that amount

Talk to this person

Answer that phone call

Move over here

Dodge that over there

Be graceful

Be calm

Have it together

Don’t feel pressured

“You can do this”

“You can do that”

“Be this”

“Be that”

Jump over that obstacle

Jump over this hurdle


We all take them

We all use them

We all need them

What extent are we ran by them?

In a world where

Technology is a demand

Are we reprogramming our brains

as we suffer from chronic

mental illnesses

that go rapid?

The alcohol user

The coffee drinker

The Adderall supplier

The SSRI takers

The pain medicine abusers

The antipsychotic users

The ptsd anxiety needers

The antihistamine poppers

How are we all different?

What makes one crackhead different from

the coffee drinker?

Aren’t they both stimulants?

What makes the SSRI user different from

the Morphine abusers or CBD smokers?

They both are depressants

In my eyes,

we’re all the same

Nothing is different

In America, none of us

use our brain.

To: You

From: SA

Subject: Love Yourself

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This is a blog post for anyone. I don’t know why, but I was lead to write this for someone because I think, more often than not, we forget what genuine confidence and self-love happens to be. And, as a writer, the only way I can get through to you is through my words. So, allow me to share with you some advice that you can carry throughout your day.

When I write,

I’m writing to exhale.

I’m writing to escape.

I’m writing to energize.

I’m writing to you. Continue reading “Have High Self Esteem, Have Confidence, on Writing My Way Out of Despair”