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Today you’re breathing as

you feel the pulsating muscles from

serving coffee


I have a new job every month

looking for a different one

every day while

the other one

is slipping by

the wayside.


I need grad school

I need scholarly people

around me or

I’ll become a 

feather in the breeze

just drifting and drifting

over people,


and things


as I create goals that

don’t really matter or just

barely exist.


I remember that time when I wrote like

Khalil and wanted to be in Italy with



I had a long time to go,

but now,

I feel as if that time is


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Okay, so let’s clear up the rumors. It doesn’t take eight years to write a book, especially, not a novella. People seem to forget that novellas are books too. A novella typically contains anywhere from 20,000-45,000 words while average novels are 46,000-75,000 words. For the sake of this post, I’m going to share with you the ten easiest steps to writing a novella in just thirty days. This book that we are creating is going to be 45,000 words and will take you one month if you follow this plan.

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For most people, this is what writing feels like. It’s like swimming through snow only to reach nowhere important. I’ve been meaning to create this article for a while now, people have been asking me, “how do I get better at this?” Well, I have five huge tips to help you start writing more, better, and consistently. (keyword here is start, I never said finish)giphy.gif

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Being at a standstill in your writing is a lot like being stuck in traffic. You have a destination that you intend to reach but it seems as if you just can’t get there soon enough due to many, many road blocks. No matter what life’s distractions happens to be I have the tips you need to get through. Trust me, we’ve all been there, but here are my top five ways you can write through a standstill.

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Whether you’re reading or writing a novel it’s important to love what you’re doing. When you’re reading a novel, enjoy the plot, understand the characters, and live in the setting even if you never left your bed. But, if you’re writing a novel then that’s a different challenge, but still conquerable, nonetheless. You just have to well… keep writing. What happens when you just. can’t. finish?

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