Brittany is located in Orlando, FL and what drew me to her was the fact that she is multifaceted in her talents. I wanted to feature her on Essays since she has a diverse skill set ranging in everything from writing, filmmaking, and photography. I follow her on Twitter but you’re more than welcome to get to know her blog. Feel free to get to know more of her literature by clicking the link below!

It’s nice meeting you, Brittany, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future! Feel free to reach out to Essays if there’s anything that you want to see written or have your work featured, I love to share and promote the works of others!

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Tara is an artsy writer that is more than creative, she’s actually pretty imaginative, and loves cats. I enjoyed getting to know Tara on Twitter, as I took the time to scroll through her recent tweets to learn more about her. I was intrigued to find that she’s a dedicated writer who doesn’t mind retweeting gifs while sharing her thoughts about how it feels to create.

Tara is located in San Francisco, CA where she is known as being a YA Author that has published a series known as Timekeeper. If you want to learn more about just what her novels are I invite you to check out her blog or just get to know her style of writing by going directly to her personal blog!

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I’m what they call an “Indie Author” because I control my own profits, what gets published and when, what I create, and how I sell. At best, I’m an entrepreneur. I make and run my own money, and at the end of a night, I create a budget for my daily life as well as my life as a writer. However, what happens when you’re in college and you can’t do this as well because you don’t have the funds?

In this essay, I’m here to share with you how I run my own business with a budget that’s below $300. And, even if you aren’t a writer, maybe this will inspire you to start up something for yourself or use something that I share with you to help you do something on your own. I’m going to keep this as short as possible so I’ll be giving you five major tips.

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On social media, there is a special species of creatures that create books, sell them from their houses, borrow ISBN codes, rent out libraries to make their faces known, hide under covers at night hoping to catch all their errors, and hobble on sidewalks wired by coffee. They are more than likely congregated the timelines of Twitter, supporting each other, and trying to sell the next best thing. These people are known as “Indie Authors.” But, what are the five things that they all share in common that go unnoticed? And, do these five things apply to you?

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If you’ve taken the time to visit Essays within the past week or two you have probably noticed some changes. That’s all because of you guys and I can’t thank you more than enough for always reading my articles, sharing, liking them, and following me.

The first change is that Essays consistently has articles every other day, but on the days when I don’t write I want to start promoting the work of other authors. I haven’t done it lately, but that’s what is to come. So, if you’re a writer and you want me to feature you onto this blog then please send me a message or just comment below! I want to discover new people and help others reach success.

I brought my domain! Essays is no longer under “” it is just “” and that is because I’ve been taking my blog super serious, averaging over one hundred views in a week (the stats don’t lie).

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In other news:

  • I’ve downloaded a writing prompt app to help me be more creative so hopefully I can share short stories with you more often. I know many people looooove those so I’ll try my hardest to post that alongside my poetry.
  • FIGS BOOK 2: Doria’s Tale is almost done. I can’t wait to have Doria out for you all because she’s been such a hard story to tell, but definitely worthwhile. I haven’t given up on her so hopefully she can be ready before December, I said August but the edits are what’s holding me up.
  • I gave up on YouTubing lol. I think I’m going to be deleting those old videos soon. Editing videos is a lot and blogging is already a fulltime job (hopefully ads can start paying me sooner than later).
  • Lastly, I want to start blogging from my phone more so that you’re receiving more of me more often and can keep up with what’s going on. This is my last semester of undergrad and I would love to share with you just how I manage my time, the way that I’m able to write novels while handling all areas of my life, etc. Speaking of blogging more from my phone, I’ll be sharing updates from my Instagram and Snapchat stories onto here. I hope this is interesting, you’ll be getting to know me as you read my tips.