Go to work

Go to class

Go to this meeting

Go to that meeting

Pay this

Pay that

Turn this in

Turn in that

Sleep for four hours

Wake up

Do it again

Walk here

Catch a bus there

Call an Uber here

Bike there

Run here

Walk there

Wake up, early

Be on time

Don’t be late

Remain punctual

But, be calm

Don’t get anxious

Rely on the plan

Rely on the agenda

Move by the calendar

Follow the budget

Don’t go out of it

Save this amount

Pay off that amount

Talk to this person

Answer that phone call

Move over here

Dodge that over there

Be graceful

Be calm

Have it together

Don’t feel pressured

“You can do this”

“You can do that”

“Be this”

“Be that”

Jump over that obstacle

Jump over this hurdle


We all take them

We all use them

We all need them

What extent are we ran by them?

In a world where

Technology is a demand

Are we reprogramming our brains

as we suffer from chronic

mental illnesses

that go rapid?

The alcohol user

The coffee drinker

The Adderall supplier

The SSRI takers

The pain medicine abusers

The antipsychotic users

The ptsd anxiety needers

The antihistamine poppers

How are we all different?

What makes one crackhead different from

the coffee drinker?

Aren’t they both stimulants?

What makes the SSRI user different from

the Morphine abusers or CBD smokers?

They both are depressants

In my eyes,

we’re all the same

Nothing is different

In America, none of us

use our brain.

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