Ah! I’ve been itching to do a book review for a while now, but I’ve been binge reading! These novels were an entertaining four-in-one combo that will take you for a ride, I have so many thoughts. Allow me to share them with you!

I took the time to create a YouTube video that glances over the novels in their entirety if you don’t want to read an in-depth description of what I got out of it. Feel free to watch my video below because I’ll give you insight on what we consider as Urban Literature, the things that Granger decided to include in her books, and how we can use Kindle Unlimited to find our next read.

I won’t tell you too much, but overall For The Love of ATL by Desiree Granger is about young adults around the ages of 20-25 who either live near or on a college campus in the middle of ATL. She writes it from rotating first-person point of view in order to highlight all kind of controversy that occurs within black culture, more specifically, inner city Atlanta, Georgia.

In the video, I didn’t do go into too much detail about some of the characters that this entails, however, you can read more below.

I’ve included a talk that Desiree has on her channel where she tells you more about her books. Apparently, these are the very first books she’s written and they comprise of a series which leads itself into other works that have been more recently published. She has her own publication house and has been featured in stores. So, if you’re the kind of reader that wants to follow the growth of an author this is definitely an amazing opportunity for you.

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Okay, so you’ve written a book and you need someone to just read it. You don’t really need a person to edit, you just want eyes to glance over your lines and tell you what they thought overall. But, the problem is… you don’t know where to find them. Here are 5 places to help you find beta readers!

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There is something that we ponder, over and over again, that is… are we our main character or is it its own entity? I’ve often pondered this myself with the creation of Angelica and Doria in both of the novels in FIGS, and I thought this would make for an interesting discussion.

You see when us writers decide to sit down and develop a story we think about our point of view, it plays a huge role in your perception. It’s almost like taking the camera and deciding just what we want you to see. Do we want you to see from our eyes outwards or by looking down from above?

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Tara is an artsy writer that is more than creative, she’s actually pretty imaginative, and loves cats. I enjoyed getting to know Tara on Twitter, as I took the time to scroll through her recent tweets to learn more about her. I was intrigued to find that she’s a dedicated writer who doesn’t mind retweeting gifs while sharing her thoughts about how it feels to create.

Tara is located in San Francisco, CA where she is known as being a YA Author that has published a series known as Timekeeper. If you want to learn more about just what her novels are I invite you to check out her blog or just get to know her style of writing by going directly to her personal blog!

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