Scene 4


As Lorraine shreds paper

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 02.46.40


I wish I had friends, this is annoying. I’m tired of working.

Lorraine empties the trash can, returns to desk.

As Lorraine wipes off her desktop


All of these people are annoying. I just want to work somewhere else, maybe it’s the people.

As the phone rings.


I’m not answering it.



PSA: I’m still here. I haven’t been blogging lately because my schedule has been crazy, but let’s see what happens within the next few days. I have somethings that I want to share with you so I hope this is fun.



  1. Thank you to all of my consistent followers– the people who were still checking the website while I was under a rock, yea you guys, are the reason why I’m back. I just want to say thank you for looking out for new articles and rereading old ones. That means a lot, you have no clue.
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  3. I’ll be sharing a movie! Except, it’s not the kind that you’re thinking of. I wrote this for class and will be uploading the different scenes on here for you to read since I can’t find the time to write more outside of class and work at the moment. I still want you to be up to date on what I’m learning and exploring so I thought this would be interesting. I hope you enjoy it.



I hate when I’m in conversation with people and they ask about what I want to do with my life, well… to be honest, I just want to write. I’m sure that many writers can relate to this because it’s what we were called to do. But, there are people that don’t understand that writing is a multifaceted profession. If they don’t know, now they’re going to have the chance to know the top five things about writers.

We are Perfectionists

When entering the industry the first thing that we understood is we are going to neglect our homework, bills, and chores in order to fix the comma in a sentence of a passage we rewrote. This wasn’t anything we planned to do, it just happened that way. Due to our natural sense to overthink there’s also a need to plan, analyze, and edit. With that being said, if you’re going to live with a writer be prepared to hear their keys clicking at four in the morning just because their need to reproduce what was produced is spilling over.

There are Different Kinds of Writers

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 04.40.27.png

Most people think, “oh, you’re a writer so you must want to be a journalist,” not exactly. You see, just how there are a million types of sciences we study, there are also a million kinds of work that people enjoy creating. Personally, I believe that certain writers are born with different innate abilities which makes them good at what they do.

I don’t believe that I would love fiction if I didn’t enjoy a nice mess of chaos. And, journalists wouldn’t be great at finding stories if they weren’t naturally nosey people. That’s just the way that the world of writing works. Just how Ben, the biologist has to not have allergies in order to be outside in nature, the same can be said for Clair, the astrologer, who is always up at night in order to study constellations. Everyone has a reason for why they drink the cup of coffee that they drink.

Most are Entrepreneurs

Whenever I tell people that I’m a writer I always get this side eye. I’ve been approached with, “you write policies?” and “what are you going to do with your poetry?” It’s always the same weird conversation about how my life is going to go as a writer, and, quite frankly, I’m tired of it. You see, writers are some of the most business savvy people you can run into.

Whether we’re journalists, novelists, or screenwriters. Somehow, someway, we know the ins and outs of how to be our own one-stop shop for whatever you need to create. As a writer, I’ve found myself studying many skills that any average businessman needs to survive. And, I’ve run into many, many talented writers who work for themselves, full-time. With that being said, never underestimate the skillset that a writer has because it’s more than just being creative. This is a profession, career, and way of life.

It is a Profession, Pass Time, and Hobby

The way that business people clock in to do accounting, stocks, and conduct transactions are not the ways that writers clock into their desks. That is if they even own a desk because I don’t. Writing is a way of life. Writing places food on my table, love in my heart, and meaning in my days. With that being, without it I’m lacking a great portion of who I am. I’m sure that there are many writers who can relate to this. In fact, it is my profession, pass time, and hobby.

As a profession, I’m able to connect with various other writers in order to ignite change in the way that publishing occurs or talk about the next bestselling novel. Through being a pass time I can blog at five in the morning until I’m too tired to type anymore. And, my hobby allows me to find things to read, critique, and edit. Writing is what I breathe, but, if you’re an accountant, I’m not sure that you can relate to the fullness it brings to life.

Not All of Us Are Alcoholics

There’s this distasteful rumor going around about what we like to do when we create. It’s something along the lines of, “drink.” Well, if we’re being completely honest, I don’t enjoy being drunk or the taste of alcohol. So, I kill the stereotype of writers being drinkers, instantly. More than that, I’ve previously published an article about there being more drinks passed around but don’t believe that they’re all coming from writers. The drinks are from millennials, in general. Listen when I say that just because we enjoy a spirit here and another there it doesn’t mean we’re alcoholics. Perhaps, we just want to unwind.

“If I can just publish a poem per day and rely on my writing as a way out I’m sure that I’ll get through this last semester.” –SA

Those are the words I whisper to myself as my skinny black body and Afro goes into each classroom trying to fulfill expectations. As I walk around job to job to pay off all the things that are due, and as I run my own business during the wee hours of the night, nights where most of the time I’ve only gotten four hours of sleep (if that) at a time I find myself trying to conform.

I realize that being a black woman comes with standards that most can never fulfill if they were to walk in my shoes for two hours.

Being comfortable is a privilege.

So, what have I chosen to do? I have chosen to rise and stand up to all adversity that tries to keep me down, to speak to another black woman through my writing, and to rely on my words as a crutch. I’ve chosen to publish Hurdles , pay attention in class, and then clock in. Allow me to weave the reality of my words together in order to teach you something about privilege.


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Go to work

Go to class

Go to this meeting

Go to that meeting

Pay this

Pay that

Turn this in

Turn in that

Sleep for four hours

Wake up

Do it again

Walk here

Catch a bus there

Call an Uber here

Bike there

Run here

Walk there

Wake up, early

Be on time

Don’t be late

Remain punctual

But, be calm

Don’t get anxious

Rely on the plan

Rely on the agenda

Move by the calendar

Follow the budget

Don’t go out of it

Save this amount

Pay off that amount

Talk to this person

Answer that phone call

Move over here

Dodge that over there

Be graceful

Be calm

Have it together

Don’t feel pressured

“You can do this”

“You can do that”

“Be this”

“Be that”

Jump over that obstacle

Jump over this hurdle