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Her Office: Act 1 Scene 2

Scene 2 INT. OFFICE– AFTERNOON One cubicle is well lit. Michelle and Deborah are gossiping in front of a computer. MICHELLE Girl, did you see that video of Tomi Lahren acting out? DEBORAH White women, they ain’t got nothing better to do. MICHELLE And to think we work […]


Go to work Go to class Go to this meeting Go to that meeting Pay this Pay that Turn this in Turn in that Sleep for four hours Wake up Do it again Walk here Catch a bus there Call an Uber here Bike there Run here Walk […]

Sixth Sense

The sky we live under they roam Past down from generation to generation I was taught to watch, be cautious, but more than that to know To know how to look in their eyes and spot the difference Is it their clothing, their uniforms, their jaw structures, is […]