You know, when I was a kid It was the scariest thing ever. He was a clown, he had weird teeth, he was able to come up from drains, and more than that, he would laugh. Today, I came to share with you my thoughts about humor in horror stories. There’s this question of whether or not it should be totally scary or have features of comedy in it? Allow me to break down the woes of writing a scary story for you.  Continue reading “Opinion on the Woes of Writing Scary Stories: All Horror or Some Humor?”


Being at a standstill in your writing is a lot like being stuck in traffic. You have a destination that you intend to reach but it seems as if you just can’t get there soon enough due to many, many road blocks. No matter what life’s distractions happens to be I have the tips you need to get through. Trust me, we’ve all been there, but here are my top five ways you can write through a standstill.

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The process of writing a book is so much fun. You’re allowing your imagination to run wild, your fingers can’t help but dance, and your body feels relieved of all of its pent-up creative energy.

But, the next daunting portion of your life begins and you find yourself wishing that you never started the novel in the first place, and you begin to wonder… does editing ever stop?

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As I continue my journey with marketing on social media I’ve come across something really valuable that I want to share with you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a writer, artist, or someone that just clicked on this out of boredom, I’m sure you can learn something from this kind of social media marketing. This is what I like to call smart online networking and the key here is to find engaged followers and not just any followers. Most people have the potential to be ghosts, but I’m here to help you avoid that. 

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Whether you’re reading or writing a novel it’s important to love what you’re doing. When you’re reading a novel, enjoy the plot, understand the characters, and live in the setting even if you never left your bed. But, if you’re writing a novel then that’s a different challenge, but still conquerable, nonetheless. You just have to well… keep writing. What happens when you just. can’t. finish?

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As a writer in this day and age, we often think that we don’t have all the time in the world to come up with all the things we would like to share with others. However, I challenge you to rethink that philosophy.

If you believe that you don’t have enough time then you won’t have the time that you need. But, if you just place yourself on a timer and give yourself the goals then you will accomplish a lot more than you think. I’m going to tell you 3 ways to remain a productive writer in 2018.

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