Why Do We Love Astrology?

I don’t know about you but I’ve found myself reading a daily horoscope prediction every morning just before my day starts to get insight as to what my stars are up to. Ya know, I have to say, it’s quite interesting. I find that as a Pisces sun, rising Leo, and Virgo moon, my elaborate… Continue reading Why Do We Love Astrology?

Reasons You SHOULD Leverage Social Media for More [money] Income

As of lately, the only thing that’s been on my mind is the amount of influence that a writer can have just by having a social media account. But not just a writer, literally any artist needs the internet as their best friend. Kanye said it best in his tweet not that long ago: Look… Continue reading Reasons You SHOULD Leverage Social Media for More [money] Income

Breathing Statues in a Midnight Summer’s Dream

I send the first text: “Look I forgive you for any and everything  you’ve said to me and I apologize if I upset you”   Under the deep dark covers of my bed engulfed in the sounds of a blue wave I hold myself in fetal position while holding my hands together, prayerfully, head bowed,… Continue reading Breathing Statues in a Midnight Summer’s Dream

Daily Prompt: Rapid

Rambunctiously following many bloggers, retweeting work that isn’t my own, and expecting results over night All to share the novel I worked so hard to publish Putting aside sleep and other natural needs In order to create a life worth living, Don’t ever neglect yourself for rapid results. via Daily Prompt: Rapid