New Bloggers

In the process of promoting my novel, I have been looking for new bloggers to follow and build writing relationships with. Feel free to email me if: You have a novel that you want me to share with my audience You would like to establish good writerly relations You would like to read my novel… Continue reading New Bloggers

Race and “Feminism”

While some prefer to toss the term “feminism” around as a catch all phrase it can be offensive to those who understand the reasoning behind the creation of the term “womanism.” Womanism:  Coined by Alice Walker to include those who are African American that are in the fight for women’s right, it isn’t a sort of… Continue reading Race and “Feminism”

Coachella, Underground

Originally posted on Longreads:
Gabriel Thompson | Longreads | April 2018 | 25 minutes (7,013 words) This story was produced in partnership with The Investigative Fund, a project of The Nation Institute. Support the project, subscribe to the mailing list, or follow The Investigative Fund on Twitter and Facebook. LEER EN ESPAÑOL ? In the…