About Me

I am the owner of Essays, my name is Sierra Ayonnie and I pride myself on studying interdisciplinary studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. My focus areas are creative writing and psychology.

Many don’t know what interdisciplinary studies comprises so my favorite quote that explains it is as follows:

“As an epistemology of complexity, interdisciplinary theory established equilibrium between absolutism and nihilism, asserting that knowledge is progressive, while also pragmatic.” James Welch, 2011

The field of Interdisciplinary Studies is on a steady rise as employers are seeking individuals who are innovative in thought and able to critically relate unrelated subjects. Through this field, the study of entrepreneurship was found by understanding many disciplines and seeking to evoke change through creative thought.

By having innovation and passion for publishing I decided to understand the techniques of marketing as it directly relates to my novel sales. In less than a year I pride myself on selling more than twenty copies of my work using mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to redirect shoppers to Amazon.

Below is a copy of my resume and link to published work that appeared in The Commonwealth Times where I discussed the misrepresentation that appears in literature. This is a serious dilemma that I wish to change in the world around us. I believe that if marginalized students had more books that discussed their experience then they would be interested in reading. Reading is the basis of understanding life, without books that relate to their lifestyles it can be hard to find a voice or continue to pursue studies in school.

My dream is to become a New York Times bestselling self-published author who writes novels for young adults about marginalization. If I can give anything back to the world it would be my love of literature.

Someday I wish to enhance publishing and distributing laws so that students in low-income schools and neighborhoods can have the right book that has a positive impact on their livelihood.



Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Creative Writing & Psychology
Virginia Commonwealth University – Richmond, VA
May 2015 to December 2018
Phoebus High School
January 2011 to June 2015

Work Experience

Digital Marketing Intern

Driply Vapes – Richmond, VA August 2017 to Present

Collaborate with marketing team to construct and update digital pages


  • Learned graphic design using Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Advanced copywriting and editing skills
  • Increased Instagram followers by 25%
  • Generated in-store revenue by 10%
  • Increased Instagram interactions by 20%

Social Media Marketing Intern

VCU Blackbird Literary Journal – Richmond, VA August 2018 to September 2018

Successfully created a proposal for social media campaigns, manage marketing strategies to increase readership on media by 25%, monitors journal’s audience and online brand, Google, Facebook and Twitter analytics

  • Increased Instagram followers by 100%
  • Generated more than 100+ followers and likes in less than two weeks
  • Researched digital marketing techniques
  • Studied SEO web page building
  • Understands web page value and calculations
  • Increased website page views by 10%

Office Assistant/Receptionist

VCU Fraternity & Sorority Life Office – Richmond, VA August 2017 to June 2018

Front Desk Receptionist

VCU Security – Richmond, VA August 2016 to August 2017

As security guard among VCU’s campus, one takes the time to make sure that the students are signing in guests, abiding by rules and procedures, adheres to residential life and housing standards, as well as type up court-ordered documents in the case of incidences. This job is customer service oriented, one handles phone calls, data entry, and politely greets those that enter the residential halls


Written Communication, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Customer Service, Marketing, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Publishing, Social Media, PR, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Scrivener




Certification of Leadership

January 2016 to Present

Emphasizing the ability to lead, one understand the essentials of being able to influence followers within a dynamic group.

Digital Marketer

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 23.49.19.png


The problem with representation in literature


February 2018

INTP Personality Type

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 00.00.06.png

According to Truity, a company devoted to personality types and based in California, my personality type only makes up about 3% of the general population and 2% of women. I’m categorized as though being an architect, one who can not only think but also build what was thought of while understanding complex systems.

I am introverted, intuitive, thoughtful, and perceptive. I require a lot of alone time and I make my decisions based on logic rather than emotion. I enjoy being spontaneous and flexible. I find myself growing bored of schedules and daily routines. I enjoy living life around the clock rather than on it. While I am great at managing my time, I do enjoy planning out the next project that I’m working on.

Most of the time, you can find me challenging the people around me. I make others redefine what they thought was leadership by being skeptical. I ask questions quickly as my rationale allows me to process what wasn’t understood or find the flaw in thought. I am deeply absorbed in making connections which can make me appeal as oblivious, however, I am grounded by data and fact.

I’ve never really blended well in a crowd as I’m often charged by following my own theories of the universe rather than the tried and true values of others. I am off-beat and unconventional which is intimidating to most but found to be useful in places of business. I evoke change by walking in a room and simply leading in-depth conversation while analyzing what may seem mundane.

Some of the famous people who are of this personality type are Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Socrates, and Darwin.

My leisure time consists of reading, writing, editing, and researching. I also enjoy meditation, drinking black coffee, and playing chess.

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