What MAKES an Indie Author? 5 Qualities Indie Authors Have

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On social media, there is a special species of creatures that create books, sell them from their houses, borrow ISBN codes, rent out libraries to make their faces known, hide under covers at night hoping to catch all their errors, and hobble on sidewalks wired by coffee. They are more than likely congregated the timelines of Twitter, supporting each other, and trying to sell the next best thing. These people are known as “Indie Authors.” But, what are the five things that they all share in common that go unnoticed? And, do these five things apply to you?

1.) They Are Resourceful

It doesn’t matter whether they have what it takes to write the novel, they realize that all of the resources in this world to pursue their dreams are only one question away. That question is, “Can I have it?”

In every resource that they come across they take the time to analyze its worth and determine whether or not it’s at their disposal. Indie Authors, whether published or not, understand that they need tools to get to where they’re going.

These tools can be everything from a software to create the next best novel, to a self-publishing agent, to an avidly reading neighbor, to buddies that edit.

2.) They Have Delayed Gratification

A great writer can’t be great without the secret to success by their side. This is secret is having patience, but a different kind of patience, the kind that consists of a fixed amount of self-control and effort. The royalties that one would like to enjoy takes time to receive, the blog doesn’t get millions of hits overnight, and the book doesn’t write itself in three days, indie authors understand this.

3.) They Do Not Give Up

Persistence is key to the author. It is the understanding that if you stop today you can’t enjoy tomorrow. They will keep going and nothing stops them from their goals. If time is going by quickly for them it’s because they’ve spent the entire day doing what they love. This love is what continuously propels them forward and doesn’t stop them from creating.

4.) They Research

There isn’t a book in this world that exists without the help of research. The time spent to gather the facts not only creates a quality story but also aids in the admiration of others because of just how much they’re aware of. An indie author spends time sifting through article after article just to get all the facts, leaving nothing out.

5.) They Have Time

You can’t write without the time needed to write. It requires a lot of alone time, small amounts of socializing, and long hours of silence. Having time isn’t just about having spare time, it’s also about making time. It’s about those nights of turning the phone off or placing it on do not disturb in order to have all the inspiration needed to get through long drafts. It’s about those nights of not sleeping and being tired the next morning because one has been over-devoted to the craft. Creating time is just as important as creating itself.


3 thoughts on “What MAKES an Indie Author? 5 Qualities Indie Authors Have

  1. Quality #3 of persistence stands out to me at this time. Even though I’m a new blogger and emerging poet, writing a blog post or a poem brings me so much happiness. Even though I don’t have a large following like established writers and poets, I don’t feel less of a writer or poet. This takes me to quality #2 of delayed gratification. I would also add having an unshakeable confidence in our writing talent. Sometimes after rejections of my poetry submissions, I need to remind myself of the couple of times in which they were accepted.

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    1. You’re brave to be writing without an audience alongside submitting. That’s something that took me time to get use to, for a while I felt that I was talking to myself and that I didn’t have anyone else to communicate with. But, those qualities are so important! Keep writing even if no one is reading because a bestselling poet or novelist is one who never gave up. Maybe I’ll write something about the confidence it takes to be a writer without recognition

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      1. Thank you! I’m amazed sometimes when I watch author interviews, and they’re like “I’ve written anywhere from 1 to 10 books, before my recent book became a bestseller.” I’m looking forward to reading your writer confidence post!

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