Here’s What Others Are Saying

shereadsshewrites873200164: On FIGS Book 1: Planet Tun

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I enjoyed reading the POV from different characters in 1970s: Doreen Phillips the journalist who review and published Angelica’s journal; Angelica Ward who suffered schizophrenia and the owner of her journal; and Angelica’s irresponsible mother.

Angelica was given a notebook in hospital to write everyday. That is the best treatment ever if you ask me. She writes about her life at home, the weird weather which slowly brought her to be trapped in Planet Tun. Sounds like being abducted by alien, wooow scary!

Doreen and Dr. Rankin were bewildered at Angelica’s writing because how can she wrote something like that when both of them see her only to be sitting by the window and staring out of the window the whole day?

Dr. Rankin then made a decision to leave Angelica unmedicated so that her imagination runs wild and she will scribbled them down on her notebook. Unknown to Angelica, outside the walls of the Northern State Hospital in Seattle, her journal entries being published by Doreen is famous. Hmm Angelica’s condition seems to be a blessing in disguise, don’t you think so?

I find the writing style of this author is unique and different from the typical science fiction genres. The footnotes are of the great help in further explaining about Angelica’s condition, Dr. Rankin’s involvement, and about her mother.

I recommend this to those who enjoy reading dystopian genres and science fiction genres, to those who thinks aliens exist or simply enjoy reading about aliens. Well, I do believe they exist. I don’t see the necessity to deny their existence just because I never see them.

As to the suggestions of this book, I think it needs another round of editing because I came across mistake like ‘Itried’ a few times but it didn’t detract me from my enjoyment of reading this book, I’m not sure about the other readers though; and it will be helpful to write the name of the character on top of their POV so that the other readers won’t be confused.

I would like to thank the author , Sierra Ayonnie for this ARC and I’m looking forward to read and review more works from her.


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