Tips on Social Media Marketing: Why You Need 2 Engaged Followers vs. 35 Ghosts

As I continue my journey with marketing on social media I’ve come across something really valuable that I want to share with you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a writer, artist, or someone that just clicked on this out of boredom, I’m sure you can learn something from this kind of social media marketing. This is what I like to call smart online networking and the key here is to find engaged followers and not just any followers. Most people have the potential to be ghosts, but I’m here to help you avoid that. 

You see, when I first started blogging I was all about views and view count, I thought to myself “oh if I can just get 40 views in one day” and hoped for that many. I would advertise my blog in order to get eyes on it. But, the problem was that the views I was receiving didn’t take me anywhere, it didn’t make me want to keep writing. I thought the views mattered the most but they don’t, at all. So, by using WordPress’ analytics I changed my perception.

giphy.gifThis is an important perception to have because it can help you to stay motivated to “show off” your work, no matter what it is. You have to remember that views don’t matter if your viewers aren’t engaged with you. Your readers have to say that they don’t like your style of blogging, or they like your art, and they don’t mind sharing it. You don’t want lazy followers who only watch the show continue on but never help create anything.

The best way to find these people is by following those who like and follow similar posts that you interact with. For example, if you’re on Twitter and a person of your same industry comes across your timeline with at least 50 retweets and about 15-20+ likes it is smart of you to follow all the people who retweeted that tweet. If they retweeted that tweet then they’re more than likely to follow you back and interact with your tweets.

By following them first you’re already showing that you’re connected to a greater conversation that the two of you share. By being in the same industry you already have to much to have conversations with.

Always remember that those who are following you should be liking, sharing, and commenting on your work. On social media, especially, because it aids in your exposure and if people see that others like you then they’ll start to like you just by association.

And lastly, always remember to reciprocate that energy. Find followers whose work you don’t mind following along and build a communal network that will last a lifetime. Those people who are devoted to the same kind of work as you are don’t mind holding you accountable and watching you flourish. But, you have to be there for them just as they are for you.

So I challenge you to unfollow all the people who haven’t taken the time to like any of your posts lately and spend more time engaging with those who have. I want you to give your energy to those who are giving their energy to you. I promise you will see a difference in the way that you’re blogging and the number of people you influence.


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