Essays to inspire change.

Essays W/ SA is a publication crafted by Sierra Ayonnie that highlights diversity, writing, and business to inspire change. “Essays” is a place to learn more about the latest social trends while gaining more insight on starting one’s own business as an artist. It uses its platform in order to connect with all cultures with well-crafted articles that are applied to every walk of life.

Essays W/ SA

Sierra Ayonnie realized that there is a need for a publication whose efforts solely rely on enhancing the consciousness of its readers. With that, she decided to create a journal of her own by the name of “Essays.” In this journal, she reaches out to a variety of audiences by publishing articles that are research-based and conversational in style. Diversity is important. Sierra Ayonnie, an African American woman, decided to create articles about the power of culture so that her readers can understand how cultural intersection effects millions of daily lives. As a writer, she spreads advice on how to increase writing as well as her own journey as an essayist and novelist. Through writing, she became an “artrepreneur,” which pushed the need for business articles that are interdisciplinary in nature. Business is no longer a single field, rather, an interdisciplinary branch of study that incorporates knowledge of marketing, arts, finance, and culture; which needs more writers to acknowledge the intersections of its existence and formulate food for critical thought.

Essays, is updated on a monthly basis in order to share articles that are trending. With this, only the articles that users all over the internet are enjoying are published in the journal. This ensures that quality content is being provided to all subscribers. Unlike most journals, Essays does not accept all writing. It is selective in its topics to make sure that only pieces about art and business are prioritized. Humanitarian and lifestyle articles matter only if they have received over 100 views. The readers of Essays are only interested in remaining conscious. Currently, Essays is being run by the editor, Sierra Ayonnie, but it is seeking to add more conscious writers. If you would like to follow the day to day updates and read recent articles then join this group, it is only accessible through FaceBook. Otherwise, you may remain up to date via email. Feel free to follow Sierra Ayonnie on Twitter.

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